A Legacy of Excellence in Education

Founded in 1896, Chungshan Elementary School has its origins in the "National Language Training Institute" located in Lukang's Dizangwang Temple. Relocating to the Changhua Confucius Temple in 1897, it transformed into the "Changhua National Language Training Institute." In 1898, it was re-established as the "Changhua Public School," becoming one of the first schools in Taiwan and the oldest in Changhua County.

Architectural Heritage and Literary Legacy

The school is home to a unique two-story Japanese-style building - the North Wing Classroom. This architectural gem, with a history of over 80 years, features a dual-sloped cultural roof, an arched corridor, and was once the longest single structure in Changhua. In 2001, it was designated as a historical building by the Changhua County Cultural Affairs Bureau.

In front of the North Wing Classroom stands the one-of-a-kind Poem Tree, adorned with the names and works of 12 distinguished alumni, who have notably contributed to Taiwan's literary scene. These individuals, including the father of Taiwan's New Literature Lai He, and the first pastoral poet Chen Xugu, have earned Chungshan the reputation as the "Cradle of Literary Giants in Changhua."

Achievements in Arts, Sports, and Technology

Chungshan has consistently excelled in national and international competitions. The school has achieved top national rankings in Chinese orchestra, harmonica, and swimming. The harmonica team proudly holds the title of number one in the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, the school has won numerous Platinum Awards at the International Schools Cyber Fair.

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At Chungshan Elementary School, we believe in the power of education to advance human civilization. We invite you to explore our rich history, vibrant campus, and innovative educational programs. Together, we continue to shine brightly into the new century.